Knee Exercises

To commence when advised, to strengthen and stabilise Quadriceps and Cruciate Ligaments. Sit back on a table or bench so the thighs are supported and the feet hang freely. Place a light weight(e.g 1/2 Kg bag of rice) on the top of the foot hanging across the ankle. Slowly raise the lower leg taking the knee almost to full extension. Repeat 5-10 times daily. Watch for your quads,(thigh muscles), to quiver. This should happen after 5-10 extensions. This is a good indicator that the muscles tendons and ligaments  are engaged in the activity. (If the quads quiver before 5 repeats the weight is too much so must be reduced as the aim is to strengthen and stabilise not put the joint under further stress)


Stand holding something to balance. Exercise the 'better' side first. Extend your leg backwards placing toes on the floor (your knee will be slightly bent). Steadily swing your leg through forwards as high as is comfortable, without bending your knees, and return it to standing postion next to your static leg. Steadily raise your knee to your waist as if marching on the spot, returning to the starting position with your leg extended backwards with your toes on the floor. Repeat this six times, then perform the same exercise six times with the other leg.


Before getting up in the morning, commencing the exercise with the 'better' side first. Lay flat on your back, bend your knee so your foot is flat on the bed, slide this up towards your buttocks. Stop at the point of any tension or if your pelvis lifts off the bed. Next straighten your leg out as high in the air as possible and while keeping the leg straight slowly lower it to the bed resting it down gently. Do this 6 times and then repeat with the other leg.


Using the 'better' arm first, rotate the shoulder/arm, slightly extend the arm to the side away from the body and gently ,within comfort, making circles in a forward direction 6 times and then in the opposite direction 6 times. (gradually your range of movement should increase) Repeat this with the other arm.

When you can take your arm out to the side level with the shoulder, (abduct to 90 degrees), you can commence this additional exercise.  Starting with the 'better' side first. Hold on to a door frame with the arm abducted with the elbow straight/extended. Walk your body both forwards and backwards whilst maintaining gentle grip on door frame. Circling around your abducted arm. Repeat this with the other arm.