Drawing Fluid From A Joint with a Washing Soda Pack

Crush washing soda crystals ,(sodium carbonate, sal soda), to coarse salt size pieces and place in the centre of a square cotton cloth. Approximately, 10cmx5cmx2cm, would be suitable for an adults knee or ankle. Fold the edges of the material over the soda crystals so 1 layer of cloth will lie between the skin and the soda crystals. Tape this, or use Cling Wrap to hold the pack, just below the effected joint. Cover this with a towel and leave in situe for 3-4 hours. Use this on alternate days for 1 week. (SENSITIVE SKIN CAN BLISTER -DO NOT APPLY THIS POLTICE IF YOU HAVE VERY SENSITIVE SKIN)


Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar helps to repair soft tissue, reduce bruising and swelling. It aids cellular healing. Soak a face cloth in apple cider vinegar and cover or wrap it around the effected area. Secure under cling wrap and leave in situe for 4-5 hours. For sensitive skin dilute the apple cider vinegar. (Remember to cover any cuts or abrasions to avid stinging).                                            Apple cider vinegar is also useful in assisting to resolve swelling in fluid sacs on the elbows by painting it onto the fluid sac several times a day.

Calendula Oil

Calendula oil helps reduce inflamed itchy skin conditions, it gently soothes,heal and softens the skin. Use in its concentrated form or dilute in your favorite carrier oil. (Beware its strong natural yellow pigment will stain clothing when applied undiluted)