Claire Westley, Bowen Therapist and Lomi Lomi practitioner

It is incredible how rapidly the body can noticeably respond to both Bowen and Lomi Lomi and how profound the effects can be.

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I am Claire your Registered Bow-tech Therapist and Lomi Lomi practitioner.  I am pleased to offer you my services having completed studies in Australia using the original Bowen Technique Training. I am also trained in a traditional old style Lomi Lomi Massage.

My background has been in health care with over 25 years experience in assessment and treatments working as a Registered Nurse and Paramedic which greatly aids my assessment and treatments for Bowen Therapy and with muscular tissue sense during Lomi-Lomi application. 

Having an active job and being competitive in sports I have tried many different therapies, to maintain fluid movement and aid recovery post injury, with varied responses.  I was astonished by the positive effect that Bowen Therapy had on me. It was so gentle and required minimal effort on my behalf to improve my condition.  I had improved joint stability, my aches and pains were greatly reduced. I decided to train and become a Bowen Therapist so I could apply the technique to help others. The subtlety of this treatment and theory behind it fascinated me. I continue to study and gain more understanding and knowledge of the far reaching effects that this holistic therapy has. Ensuring I remain current with trends and the best practice in my profession to benefit both myself and my clients.

Complementary to my Bowen work I wanted to offer a deep tissue treatment. Lomi Lomi is a highly effective deep tissue holistic massage which nurtures and soothes both the body and soul using a pattern of free flowing movements, responding to specific areas of tension for optimal relaxation and relief. This style of massage practice has been handed down through ancestral lineage for generations and is traditionally used for healing and maintaining health of the indigenous people of the Hawaiian Islands.  It is a whole body treatment which increases energy flow, aids detoxification process and lymphatic drainage, releases muscular tensions and can bring about a deep relaxation with an improved clarity of mind.